Diagnosis of sildalis pills is based on the data of microscopic, histological and radiological research methods. With aspergillosis, CT scan can determine a volumetric dense formation with calcified inclusions consisting of calcium sulfate salts and phosphates. With the invasive growth of the fungus, the destruction of bone formations is determined.

Aspergilloma in the sphenoid sinus of the nose (photo on the left). Fungal sinusitis (photo on the right).

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Volumetric dense formation (aspergilloma) in the maxillary sinus. Aspergillus tonsillitis symptoms. Aspergillus tonsillitis occurs against the background of sildalis non-specific inflammation of the tonsils, often when they are injured (for example, by a bone). More often one tonsil is affected. Severe sore throat radiating to the ear is the main symptom of the disease. When viewed on the tonsil, one can see gray, brown or yellowish plaques, upon removal of which an eroded surface is exposed. Often raids go to the palatine arches. Aspergillus can migrate and infect other organs.

Aspergillosis of the eye can be primary or secondary. In secondary endophthalmitis, fungi enter the orbit via the hematogenous route, in 17% of cases from the paranasal sinuses. The disease is manifested by ulcerative blepharitis, dacryocystitis, keratitis, conjunctivitis, superficial or deep keratitis. In some cases, panophthalmitis and vascular thrombosis develop. When the orbit is involved in the pathological process, edema, ptosis, exophthalmos, and damage to the cranial nerves are recorded.